Sunday, March 23, 2014

Just one of the guys

When I was recently asked to do a post on male style, I was thrilled on two accounts:

1. That men actually read my blog.
2. That I finally get to get my hands dirty with men’s fashion.

Let me first start off by stating that there’s nothing better than a well-dressed man. After years of observation, I’ve made a list comprised of the many do's and don’ts of men’s style. For example, the fashion police should arrest whoever claimed that jeans and flip-flops look good together. This rule also goes for running shoes. Steve Carrel made it pretty obvious in Crazy, Stupid, Love that running shoes + jeans = eternal loneliness. I've come to the conclusion that some men are intimidated by fashion, so their immediate reaction is to run from it. However, fashion isn't something to be afraid of, in fact it's really quite simple. When in doubt, always refer back to the classics. Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, James Dean, and Ralph Lauren are just a few of my favorite male icons that exemplify true American style.
    So, based on these style icons, I’ve compiled a list of basics I believe every man should own or at least consider owning in their wardrobe. I’ve done some minor editing so that every piece is interchangeable with the next. If you're having trouble envisioning certain looks, I've paired three different outfits at the bottom of the page to get your creative juices flowing. Think of this list as a foundation on your journey to finding your own unique and defined style. 

Basic wardrobe essentials


Men's shirts





Jackets boys


Bottoms up


Men's shoes


Mens accessories

#1. Day look 

Laid Back

#2. Night look

Date Night

#3. Weekend getaway look 

weekend getaway

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