Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Journey of a Dress

Yesterday I visited the DVF exhibit at the LACMA which celebrates the 40th anniversary of Diane's iconic wrap dress. Not only was the exhibit incredibly fascinating but admission was free! It was so captivating to gaze up and down the vibrantly lit pink walls which were splattered with vintage photos of Diane and her friends. Cherly Tiegs, for example, shows us how to properly rock a DVF wrap jumpsuit in one of the many photos featured in the exhibit. The "Journey of a Dress" exhibit also features artwork of Diane by Andy Warhol and photography by Chuck Close. Then comes the most anticipated part of the show, the dresses. They divided and organized the dresses by color and print; the cheetah section was one of my favorites. Lining the walls of the showroom were Diane's strikingly unique prints, which I obviously stopped to have a photo-op in front of. After visiting this exhibit, I've decided that I definitely need to invest in one of these amazing dresses as soon as possible. 

Quincy's looks inspired by the DVF wrap dress


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