Sunday, August 25, 2013

Playing fairy godmother

Award shows are always great ways of letting us "average" folk realize that there are people out there who exist who are far more successful, talented, and better looking than us. Although this is a huge let down, it's always fun to scrutinize admire them when they're all pulled together into one big arena. Since I anticipate award shows like a toddler anticipates dessert, I've decided to do a fun little experiment with my collage app on my phone. The VMA's are fun because since no real formal dress code exists, like the Oscars, artists are able to express themselves without any restrictions (Lady Gaga wore meat for goodness sake). I've picked some of my favorite runway dresses that I would personally love to drape over these celebrities bodies. So, I've decided to play fairy godmother this morning and make some of my dreams become somewhat of a reality. 
Katy Perry
It's scary how realistic this Elie Saab Fall '13 gown looks on Katy. I feel like we always see her rocking bright colors or different patterns on the carpet, so I thought it'd be refreshing to see her in a more classic gown. The slit and embellishments on the sleeves still add that "wow" factor so the dress doesn't appear boring or lifeless. I think she would look absolutely stunning in this dress (not that she doesn't already). 
Selena Gomez
I picked this Alexandre Vautier Haute Couture F/W '13 dress for Selena Gomez because I feel like it's sexy but still remains young. Selena's style is ever-changing, so something like this peplum mini dress with a plunging neckline stays basic while still making a statement. I think with her skin tone and gorgeous dark locks, she could rock this dress while letting the public know that she's no longer a Disney teeny-bop star but a sexy, sophisticated young lady. 
We all know how much Rihanna loves loud prints, so I decided to chose this insane Tom Ford Fall '13 dress. Although it does cover every inch of the body, it still retains that sex factor Rihanna is known for. This would look amazing with her curves, short jet black hair, and red lips. 

Taylor Swift

With Tay I chose two looks. The first dress is Valentino Haute Couture Fall '13 and absolutely stunning. Her hair color would look perfect with the color tone of the gown and the added gold embellishments. However, I would assume that the sheerness of the gown would never pass with Ms. Swift and her team. So, I chose this ivy Monieue Lhullier Fall '13 embellished gown. Not only would the color look amazing with her blonde locks, but it also would be exciting to see her in something a little less conservative than what we normally see her in. Especially since she's nominated for Video of the Year.

Lana Del Rey
Lana tends to always stay classy and conservative on the red carpet. Though she always looks gorgeous, I'd love to see her in something with a little bit more shape or color. I've stayed true to her Classic Hollywood style as much as I could but modernized it up a bit. The first Chushnie et Ochs Fall '13 dress I chose is basic, which she loves, but form fitting so it adds a little more character. She's young so I think that something short and girly would look perfect on her. With the second choice I decided to go with a more classic approach by choosing this Elie Saab Fall '13 gown. Doesn't she actually look as if she's walking down the runway? Scary what technology can do now-a-days.  Her lipstick and hair would match perfectly with this sleeveless plum gown. This dress is a lot more dressier than the first but I still think that it remains young and steers clear of looking aged. It's a little conservative for the VMA's but I think she would definitely be able to get away with it.

Miley Cyrus
Ever since Miley's cut her hair, we've noticed a drastic change in her music and style. I loved the Saint Laurent Fall '13 mesh/leather outfit she wore to the Teen Choice Awards a couple weeks ago. So when choosing outfits for Miley, I kept her new look in mind. The first is Dolce & Gabanna Fall '13 and is very conservative compared to the outfit choices she's worn in the past. However, I think that the shortness and cut would look so adorable on her. Due to the fact that she's been rocking more risque outfits to award shows, it'd be refreshing to see her in something a little less revealing. The second dress is Versus Versace Fall '13 and is very similar to what we've been seeing her wear. I'm personally rooting for the Balmain Resort 14 mini dress I chose in the third picture. It's conservative but sexy at the same time and it has the chain embellishments that add some bling to her look. We all know how Miley loves her bling. 

I'm  personally looking forward to seeing what Miley, Taylor, and Lady Gaga will wear this evening! Who are you looking forward to seeing??? 

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