Monday, August 12, 2013

Mini Pini

It’s been hard ignoring the sudden resurgence of overalls throughout the fashion world. However, if you’re like me, sometimes it’s a bit challenging to pull off these sometimes unflattering jumpsuits. But never fear, pinafores are here to save the day! Pinafore dresses are “apron like” garments that are normally worn over some sort of blouse or t-shirt. While shopping at Topshop the other day, I came across a mini pleather pinafore dress that I immediately fell for. I know when I’ve really fallen for something when I start planning my outfits before I reach the fitting room. When one thinks of pinafores, Eloise or Alexa Chung may come to mind (or at least in my mind). Many girls shy away from this look because it can resemble the look of a young schoolgirl who has yet to hit puberty. However, with the help of a less feminine blouse and a statement shoe, this outdated look can be transformed into something much less innocent. 

I've pulled a couple tops/shoes that I believe tone down the "little girl" look of the pinafore dress.


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