Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jumping for jumpsuits

There's no better feeling than wearing your pajamas all day. Jumpsuits are the perfect example of clothing that act as pajamas but remain chic at the same time. These beauties are trending quickly, on and off the runway, and will begin hitting stores soon for Fall. The reason why I love jumpsuits is because they're a complete look all on their own. I also love that they come in so many different styles. However, some girls find it hard when it comes to what shoes they should wear. I personally like to see a great sandal paired with the more casual suits and a sleek heel with the dressier suits. For example, I would wear the A.L.C. jumpsuit with a thick strapped sandal and a pointed heel with the Lanvin suit. 

Jumpsuits by quincy-braham featuring jumpsuits & rompers

 If you're on a student budget (like me) and can't really afford any of these extremely pricey designer jumpsuits (excluding Mango), I've found a couple that are very similar and less than half the price!

If you're a fan of the Alexander McQueen strapless jumpsuit try this one here!

If you fancy the wrap around DVF try this one here!

If the halter Valentino is more your cup of tea try this one here!

Long sleeves more your thing? Try this similar Stella McCartney here!

Digging the tux look of the Lanvin? Try here!

Don't like showing cleavage? Try this almost identical Elie Saab here!

Grey more your color? Roland Mouret inspired here!

Basic more your speed? Similar to A.L.C. here!

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  1. Love The Jumpsuit! (Sidebar: Use caution when using the toilet--not a good look, walking around the club with a wet top-half!) <3