Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY Les Plus Dorés Inspired Jersey Tee

When one thinks of the next fashion must-have, a plain cotton t-shirt doesn't always come to mind. According to an article on Trendland, repping your favorite designer in the form of a football jersey is what everyone's raving about. Les Plus Dorés is a small company based in New York who specializes in customizing plain t-shirts with highly respected designer names. Fun fact: Every number corresponds to the specific designers birth year. Some of the designers featured in the collection include Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Phoebe Philo (Celine), Ricardo Tisci (Givenchy) and Martin Margiela. 

Shockingly, these babies aren't cheap! They range from $85 - $95. So, I decided to make my own version of this sporty tee with the $20 I had in my wallet. It was so easy and really fun to make.

Unfortunately, I was unaware of the "fun fact" I mentioned earlier about the birth year...sorry Karl. 
I found all of my supplies at Michaels Arts & Crafts.

Les Plus Dorés shirts can be purchased here 

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