Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Battle of the Sexes

There's a reason why Leandra Medine's concept of the "Man Repeller" is so renown. Why is it that women continue to wear things that guys absolutely despise? Do we do it because we enjoy seeing them cringe? Or are we completely oblivious to the dirty looks we're getting as we walk down the street? I've pondered these questions in my mind for as long as I can remember. I personally have encountered many men who majority of the time are unable to comprehend my fashion choices. Inevitably, what normally happens is that this state of confusion automatically switches to hatred. For example, why is it that when I wear oxfords I'm hit with question like, "Why are you wearing bowling shoes?" or, "Are you on your way to Hogwarts or something?".  Is it that they truly don't find them attractive or is it that they can't make sense of them? What I've come to realize is that in a man's opinion, less is more. Apparently simplicity is key, but where's the fun in that?

What a girl wants

What a girl wants by quincy-braham featuring hermès bags

Oversized purses - Don't worry boys we're not hiding a dead body in them. Unfortunately, we require a lot of things when leaving the house that we may need in case of an emergency. Trust me, something in there may save your life one day.

Red lips - Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Angelina Jolie rock the red lip all the time so why are you disgusted when we smear it across our voluptuous lips too? We promise we won't get it on you...or at least try not to.

Giant sunglasses - Sometimes when you're having an off day, an obnoxiously giant pair of sunglasses can help you go from a 2 to a solid 7 on the mood scale.  Please refrain from calling us bug eyes or telling us we look ridiculous because that will only make matters worse.

Oxfords - I know we're not in Europe, but sometimes it's nice to think so. Oxfords are probably one of the most versatile pair of shoes a girl can own. They can either be paired with some culotte shorts and a blouse or cropped tuxedo pants and a blazer. Please don't tell us they look like we're wearing bowling shoes. Shoes have feelings too you know.

Fedoras - Okay I know that Justin Timerlake's married now, but that doesn't mean we can't wear things that remind us of his days when he was available right?  Fedora's were JT's signature item so why can't we enjoy them as well?

Vests - So what if they don't have sleeves and what if they aren't that great at keeping us warm? Why do guys think they're a useless article of clothing? Yes they may just be jackets without sleeves, but they can transform a bland outfit into one badass ensemble in about 4 seconds. Don't believe me? Try it sometime.

Boyfriend jeans - Guys love when their girl wears his dress shirt and boxers, so why can't it look like we're wearing his jeans too? Boyfriend jeans are probably one of the hardest items of clothing because you have to find the perfect cut. Once you find that perfect pair, add a simple tank top and pair of gladiator sandals, and you have mastered an effortless look.

Clunky/Chunky boots - Anything you can do we can do better. Just because men wear them doesn't mean we shouldn't.

High waisted shorts - Not everything has to show our midriff or lower backs to be considered sexy. Not only are they cute but they can also act as a pair of trendy Spanks.

What guys love

After reflecting on my own experiences, I've finally come to a conclusion. Like I stated in my thesis above, men love simplicity. They want you as natural as possible without looking too natural (if you know what I mean). So, I've compiled a list of items that I believe both sexes could happily agree are simple yet sexy and fashionable at the same time.

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